OneShare℠ Complete


OneShare℠ Complete

The Complete program is our most comprehensive membership, ideal for families or individuals who want access to a broad range of sharing-eligible services to address ongoing health concerns or medical needs.

'Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.'   Hebrews 13:16 (ESV)


Includes these beneficial features:

Telemedicine 24-hour Availability $0 Consult Fee
In-Network Preventive Services at 100%
$1M Lifetime Sharing Maximum

Membership Discount Services


All members of OneShare's health care sharing ministry receive access to a full suite of cutting-edge ancillary services at membership discounts for total, quality care.

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Dental & Vision
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Diabetic Care/Supplies
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Hearing Care
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Preventive Screenings
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Customer Quotes

What Our Members Are Saying

Rebekah: Member from California

I would definitely recommend OneShare to my friends. Again, to emphasize the follow up, the one on one relationship building that our care representative gave us, constantly following up with us even a call the next day...that just goes a long way with us, the customer service. You know, making sure that we felt our needs were met, so I think those have been really huge points for us and the service and the ministry.

Rebekah from Sacramento, CA

What Our Members Are Saying

Andrea: Member from New York

We’re a family that takes health seriously, we try to take care of our bodies, and we try to do those things that we know will help us stay healthy ...and it was so nice to have this community of people that also agreed and so that we could you know help each other, so we really appreciated the community OneShare provided.

Andrea from New York, NY

What Our Members Are Saying

Michelle from Houston, TX

What I like most about OneShare Health is affordability, the ease of use, the customer service, I had one experience with Telemedicine and that was incredible…I would absolutely recommend OneShare Health to anyone that’s looking for affordable options in healthcare, the customer service, the pricing, Telemedicine, all of that combined and we save a lot of money each month on our health care.

Michelle from Houston, TX

What Our Members Are Saying

Paul from Los Angeles

…the service was amazing when I talk to them on the phone--very quick answers, very satisfying, everyone was very informative and nice. So absolutely, I would recommend anyone sign up and use this health share program.

Paul from Los Angeles, CA

What Our Members Are Saying

Jacob and Brittany: Members from Alaska

...Christians should help each other through the hard times and the unexpected. OneShare is doing their part in that by providing the organizational structure for Christians to come together and help each other in their time of medical need.

Jacob and Brittany from Kenai, AK